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This is the "Instrument Library"

The OutreachPage

Do's and Dont's

  • DO NOT EVER pass on the access information in the Instrument Library without asking first. It contains some proprietary information that has been given to us by manufacturers for USGS use only, based on personal trust.
  • Do not remove files from this library without contacting Marinna Martini mmartini@…, this library started as her personal library and she relies on certain things - some very old things, being here.
    1. perfectly legitimate programs have been causing false positives in virus scanners. This is not grounds to simply delete them. If this persists, you may not be able to have the entire library reside on your machine.
  • DO contribute to this library. The point of making it available is to exchange knowledge.

This is an SVN repository with stuff pertaining to active instruments:

  • Software
    1. For the latest, these days it's best to download from the manufacturer
    2. sometimes, one needs and old software version, and manufacturers don't always make those available, we may have them here
  • Notes, instructions, documentation
    1. these may be stored in the "source" area which is checkout to your local hard drive
    2. this information may also be put in or pointed to by this Wiki, see below for an example
  • calibrations - should be put in the directory "calibrations" on the server STG. Some old calibrations might be here though, that haven't been moved over yet.
  • email with manufacturers with pertinent information, history

In short, this is the historical, institutional knowledge of Woods Hole's folks who work with tripods, moorings and time series measurements.

Very old information, for instruments we don't use anymore, are archived on the STG server in the Archive_project area.

If you are on USGS property, on WHSC networks, you can find these files on the -STG server, under Field/Instrument? Library
Capitalized folders are instrument manufacturers. Small letters are general categories.

Instrumentation Wiki

Pages specific to instruments and topics are either by Manufacturer, or by topic, text information, notes etc. posted here in this wiki as follows:

Things Relating to All Instruments


Spectra Precision GPS Spectra_Precision_page

Teledyne RDI and the old RD Instruments


Planning Documents

Here are two things that Marinna uses for group planning - if you don't see something you expect on here, it's not on Marinna's radar.
There is a planning calendar for STG operations as a USGS Google Calendar here:STG Operations Calendar
The list of instruments and reservations is a USGS internal Google Doc page here: Instrument Reservations

Other Stuff

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