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Information on the Nortek Signature

This is a 5 beam ADCP with 4 beam janus configured beams for profiles and a 5th uplooking beam for surface or bottom track, similar tot he TRDI Workhorse V

Set up for deployment

Checking the large external batteries

According to Nortek in an email from Malcolm Williams 11/10/2015

The AWAC alkaline battery packs are normally 13.5V 540Wh, 
and can be used to power the Signature. 
We do however recommend using 18V 540Wh packs as this 
instrument works more efficiently at this higher voltage. 
These packs look identical to the 13.5V packs, and have 36 D-cells, 
but are wired for 18V.
The starting voltage for the large lithium packs is around 19.5V, 
so your packs seem to be only slightly used. 
We recommend the following self-test:
1) Short the battery connector pins (a paper clip will do)
2) The red LED turns on for a few seconds, then flashes once per second
3) Remove the short circuit
4) The green LED will turn green for 6 s if the battery is new. 
A used battery will blink the green LED on and off for 6s. 
An old, depleted battery will leave the red LED on for 6 more seconds

Conversion and processing

Conversion using MIDAS software

The following notes are how to convert data to the netCDF format used at USGS, using the MVCO 2015 experiment as the example.

Access the MIDAS manual from help from within MIDAS.

  1. Raw data is in 3 binary files S100076A006_MVCO15*.ad2cp.
  2. Ad2cp files are first converted to ntk format (proprietary to Nortek) by NortekMIDAS.exe v1.32. This was a fairly quick process that took ~15 min to do 2.5 GB of data. The *.ntk files are 1,606,553 kB each.
  3. Then the Ntk files are converted to netCDF4 using the same Nortek MIDAS software version. My first attempt is generating a lot of small files. Robert Craig had pointed out one can adjust Java if one has 64 bit, this is info is in the MIDAS help, “increasing the amount of memory available to the application”. On windows, I found the .ini file as C:\Program Files (x86)\Nortek\Nortek MIDAS\ NortekMIDAS.l4j.ini.