Last modified 4 years ago Last modified on 2016-05-12 09:35:41

Tips for installing ncBrowse on windows 8 and possibly higher

You need to use windows 7 compatibility mode. You must have privileged access to the machine.

So download ncbrowse from If you are not sure, download the version that contains javavm

Find the downloaded file, right click -> properties -> compatibility and tick the box that allows you to set it for windows 7. Now, be sure to click at the bottom the button that sets this for all users.

Now run the installer as administrator.

If no java is listed, install the java also.

You should be done installing. ncbrowse will be under c:\Program Files (x86)\ncBrowse

Now set up your PC so that you can click on .nc and .cdf files to open.

Find a .cdf file (or .nc). Right click on it. Select properties. Under the general tab, click "change" at "opens with". Keep looking for other choices until you can browse your hard drive to c:\program files (x86)\ncbrowse and select ncbrowse.exe. Repeat for .nc files (or .cdf).