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Installing ncBrowse on Win 10 is a bit complicated…

Because it's no longer officially supported, and you've got to have just the right Java JVM. Go to NOAA's ftp site and get the most recent version (1.6.7) that includes the JVM. On 4/30/19, that's here: and download the install*exe file that's there. NOTE: there are other OS available if you go back up the directory tree. If you browse to, don't click on the obvious link that downloads an install.html- it won't work- also don't try to "run as admin"; doesn't work well either. Also, be sure you use the use java MV in installation- trying to point to another caused problems.

Plan to install as your regular user and put the program somewhere other that Program Files (x86) :

  • right click on the install*exe, select properties, then "compatibility", and click Windows7 compatibility
  • then open a command window and cd to Downloads and enter "install_rel1_6_7.exe -i GUI", and click apply, OK
    • double clicking to run ran into an error message on my machine
  • click use java VM included
  • I installed to ~/progs/ncBrowse_1-6-7 (unless you install as -pr you can't write to "Program files")
  • I chose to put an icon on the desktop
  • hit install

This ends up with ncBrowse.exe available for use that reads and plots both netCDF3 and netCDF4 files!

NOTE: I tried 1.6.3, 1.6.5 and 1.6.6, and none will plot netCDF4 files as installed

  • 1.6.3 (Program Files(x86)) plots netCDF3, doesn't touch netCDF4
  • 1.6.5 (local progs) plots netCDF3. doesn't open or display atts ro data in netCDF4
  • 1.6.6 (Program Files(x86))displays attributes and structure of netCDF3 & 4, but won't plot either