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Gang...this works ok, but is hard to maintain. You can drill down to the next level (see cmglib), but that is also hard to maintain. I think the problem with this model is that it will always be out of date, and suggest we just work to make sure "help" gives useful results.

AQDlib - Tools for Nortek Aquadopp

AWAC - Tools for Nortek AWAC waves

MMstuff - Marinna Martini's tools

RPSstuff - Rich Signell's tools

abslib - Tools for Aquatec ABS

adcirc_tides - Extract ADCIRC tidal model output

adcp_tbx - Tools for Teledyne/RDI ADCP

advlib - Jessie Lacy's tools for Sontek/YSI ADVs

cf - Work with CF compliant files

cmglib - Chris Sherwood's tools

cmgtool - Jingping Xu's tools + nice GUI

dolly - Fran Lightsom's tools manipulating time and oceanographic data

hydratools - Tools for Sontek/YSI Hydra-based data

meta_tools - Manipulate meta data






ndbc - Read NDBC wave and met buoy data and compute wave statistics

omviz - Visualize whirled peas

roms_crs - Chris' puny collection of ROMS tools

roms_jcw - John's collection

roms_rps - Rich's collection


seagrid - make your own Orthogonal curvilinear grid!

sonarlib - Imagenex sonar tools

stpete - Repository for USGS StPete? office

swan_crs - Chris' wave modeling tools

timeplt - Rich's venerable plotting package

toolsCSTM - we wish

tri - Cool interpolation tools

wave_tbx - Charlene et al. waves toolbox

whfc_to_ge - No clue