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Metadata notes found in EPR BBV review

  • Deployment_date and Recovery_date should reflect the day in this form: 27-Mar-2013
  • start_ and end_time reflect the actual time series start and end tiems: start_time = "12-Aug-2014 20:31:00"
  • the 'A', 'B'... indicating sequence position is NOT part of the MOORING attribute. The N deployments of the stuff at 1015 should all be 1015, not 1015A, 1010B, 1010C- the letters only go in the filename.
    • also note, the sequence letter following Mooring is in CAPS
  • if a sensor fails part way through the deployment, fill the bad data with _FillValue. Do NOT truncate the entire file.
  • if you did this, be sure to add a variable attribute entitled 'note' or 'comment' to describe what was done and why
  • something like 'cond and salt data removed with mfile_name after sensor clogged on Nov 12' should be added to the global history att.
  • DESCRIPTION usually includes a site ID, is available
  • AQD serial number should be the UNIT SN not the HEAD SN
  • AQD needs a history attribute, documenting the processing steps
  • YSI programs should be changed to output INST_TYPE not itype

Variable name notes This program has pressure data corrected by atmospheric, which will be stored in a variable called P_1ac. The uncorrected data should be what the sensor produces (P_1 or D_3). Both data should be in the file.

raw aqd wave data For the AQD waves data, the manufacturers software (Quickwave) doesn't do well in the shallow estuarine environment. DIWASP produces a better result, so that will be used to do the waves processing. DIWASP needs a certain form of input, which Steve is developing as a "raw" form of the wave data. This raw file will remain in beam coordinates, and may be what's published for waves, depending on what Neil and Steve decide about the DIWASP output.