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This page is a place to put various things we learn about using TRAC and SVN


Under our cmgsoft repository (this is the top level place, where you land when you login to the dashboard), we have many projects to separate different topics, and can have different users. Each project has a svn section for the code or forms or mooring log sheets, and a trac section for ancillary information that includes a WIKI for documentation, and a ticket system, for tracking things like modifications needed to a certain piece of code. Each project has it's own access lists, so you have to log in to each, even though they're all under the same "repository".

Trac and SVN are separate but related elements in a version control system. A few notes on interacting with svn and trac:

  • svn is where information (files) we put there is stored and retrieved
  • typically I use a svn client (like tortoise) to interact with svn and checkout the commit material
  • I don't usually use the web interface to the svn area unless I want to compare content between two revisions
  • trac is where the WIKI's live and is the place for documnetation and tickets
  • I use the web interface (URLs) to interact with trac

The following are notes from Marinna and Jon experimenting with the operations page WIKI, Ellyn's responses are italicized:

  • We learned that the steps described below need more description – e.g. most of the group is still not conversant on what local repository, update and commit means. We should have a “how to checkout” on trac too somewhere, in our own words.

This WIKI page has this info- any of us can edit it to clarify:

Questions – · Where do “attachments” to the wiki and tickets live? Can’t we add an attachment and then point to it on the wiki without going through the repository? Still probably better to add files to the repository – but for instance the example plot you attached to the ticket below might need to be referred to but shouldn’t be in the repository.

The repository is intentionally private, but it provides a place to stash small documents or images. Anyone who has access can see the URL of an attachment. With regard to where they live, per this URL, you can see this particular one lives in trac, in the emwork project, in the attachment area, under ticket 868. Attachments to other wikis will be under that project.

Why do we sometimes have to log in once, or twice?

This is partially browser related, and partially due to having projects separating content on the main cmgsoft account.

o I need a little explanation of the difference between the URLs below and why we have to login when going between them – they are the same respository, right?



This question was so important, I put the most of the answer at the top of the page. These URLS represent 2 sections of the same project, which is part of the cmgsoft repository- branching between trac and svn happens right below the account.

As an example of how to link to another part of this WIKI- if you wanted to link to content in another project you'd have to use the full URL.