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What is Trac and how do I use it?

Trac is a tool that allows developers to keep track of bugs, fixes, feature requests, etc for a software development project. A trac site is associated with a subversion repository to integrate the tasks of documentation and project management with the code development. One big part of trac is the Wiki, where you're reading this documentation. Feel free to add to it or modify the content as needed. Another key element is the ticket system. Users and developers can employ tickets to report errors or ask usage related questions by clicking on the tabs to view make new tickets. One can access the features of trac using the bar at the top of the page: each tab links to the named function. To look at the exisiting tickets, click the "View Tickets" tab.

At this point, we expect general usage questions to continue to be posted to the Rutgers ROMS site, and issues related to the use, problems and features of the sediment transport part to be made into tickets on this site. In time, the tickets may be used to generate a FAQ and augment the documentation.

Here are two ways to initiate a new ticket (you have to be logged in and have the correct priveledges):

Examining changes to the code is also possible with trac.

  • click the "Browse Source" tab on the top navigation bar
  • click "adcp_tbx", then click "trunk"
  • click "fixEns.m", and the revision history of the program is shown
    • click "view changes" located in the middle left section, and a color coded version of the program is displayed that shows what was modified last
  • if you go back to adcp_tbx/trunk and click "last change", ALL the programs that were modified prior to the last commit are displayed with the modified code highlighted. The last previous version of each file is also listed. Then you can step through previous versions at a click. Powerful stuff!

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