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Wave Processing Blog

This page will be a running commentary on waves processing, things examined, things that need to be done

Use browseWaveburstNative (in m_cmg\trunk\MMstuff\viewers) to view wave burst files with directional spectra. Tested and works on DIWASP output 1/22/16. There's also a browseWaveStatsNative that works on another subset of waves files. For help, see howToBrowseWaveData.pptx (also in viewers).

10/18/2011 Kurt sent an email on various changes he needed in wave processing, I believe this code is in his branch.

Folks, Due to an extensively long ADCP wave deployment with higher frequency wave acquisition (hourly for 6 months), I >was forced to make some changes to the wave toolbox so my machine could handle the number of output files. I >did so by separating the processes between handling the processed wave parameters, spectral data, and raw data >into separate folders, and hence separate files. Thus, I have changed the output from two netcdf files to >three, and subsequently changed the naming. What this has also allowed me to do is to process the data for wave >parameters without having to output and process all the spectra and raw data as well - it will handle whatever >output you have in your folder. The only problem with this change is that it might break people's code, which >might be expecting files of a certain naming convention and content (I now use 'p' for processed parameters, >'s' for spectra, and 'r' for raw data). My question is, shall I make this version an entirely separate branch, >or do you folks agree with the changes I've made? I am currently working on Marinna's branch, but haven't >committed any changes.

On an alternative note - Andrew Stevens wrote some code to bring the raw wave data from an RDI file straight >into Matlab, which might allow us to circumvent the raw text output, but not the spectral output. However, I >did get from RDI the file format of the binary output files from Wavesmon (.WVS) if we want to do the same for >the spectra.

Let me know what you think.