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Here's how to embed images in a trac WIKI page.

Start with an image (here a file named nand_data_ex.png)you want to show on a WIKI page or in a ticket. To have it displayed on the page it has to be served somewhere. Attaching it to the page is an easy way to accomplish this. The "attach file" button is at the bottom of a WIKI page and sort of near the top for tickets. Once it's attached, you can use the syntax below to have it displayed.

example velocity data with correctly omitted data

this is the syntax for a local file that's an attachment on the page, with no scaling: 
to scale an image, add ',###px', so the previous example becomes:
   [Image(nand_data_ex.png, 400px)]
use this syntax to embed an image from the web, and scale it: 
   [[Image(, 400px)]]

As you can see below, images can be from sources on the web, displayed on the wiki using the lower syntax example.