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GUIDING Principals for Working with Data:

(in more or less descending order of importance)

  • Metadata and comments should not contain errors or misleading information
  • Data should be correct
  • Follow established conventions
    • EPIC – If the variable is in the EPIC key (href), variables and attributes must match the EPIC key verbatim
    • CF – Climate/forecast conventions will probably be translated via NcML, so the key here is consistency over time.
    • USGS – Our own conventions, and those of the Publications editors should apply.
    • Unidata – Unidata convention should be used for units, unless overidden by EPIC considerations.
  • Include useful comments. Use standard abbreviations, or omit abbreviations and acronyms
  • Internal consistency – Each file should be internally consistent.
  • USGS consistency – As much as possible, our formats should be consistent across data types and time
  • Minimize redundancy