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Items needed for new stellwagen data release

Oceanographic time-series data is published to stellwagen by experiment. Stellwagen is an approved database that allows our data to be published and distributed after processing, QA/QC, review and approval. Stellwagen also hosts a THREDDS server.

Steps for adding a new experiment to the NEW stellwagen site are a bit different from the older process, but all the steps except 4 below are still needed This page discussed the steps needed after BBV review is completed and the data is approved.

  • move the BBV approved data files to a new directory under stellwagen's Data area
  • make html code for the experiment's main page- copy and existing page in www_root and work with the PI to modify

Experiment pages are the descriptive information about an experiment that are linked to from the main stellwagen website. The experiment page also serves as the "landing page" of Dataset DOIs. ~DOI's have been granted as part of data release on stellwagen since early 2015. We will work backwards to get dataset DOIs granted for each experiment as time permits. From 2016 on, the content of new experiment pages must be reviewed before publication.

Each page conatins the same info: description, Principal Investigators, date range, publications associated, links to Field Activity, a map of the region showing the mooring locations, a kml file with more detailed info, links to a data catalog page, a link to the opendap service for that experiment, and a link to FGDC metadata for that experiment. Much of making a new page involves working with the PI to include the content they want, the links below show how to how to automate some of the other parts.

When everything looks good, run it by the PI for OK, then the new experiment page should go for internal review. When the revisions are done, we can ask Andrea to generate a Data DOI for the new data. The DOI needs to be added to the citation information at the bottom of the experiment_page.html. It also has to go in two places in the new_experiment line in the table in the experiments.html file.

When all the review comment are resolved, the newExperimentPage, the newCatalogPage (-a.html) the kmlFile, and replacementIndex (note, the placemarks for the new mooring IDs need to be added to the index map) and replacementExperiments files with entries for the new experiment all need to be moved to the server staging area. This is on the TIC and accessed as an AFS drive. Once I put it there, Andrea does compliance and link checks then can make it live.

There is a test server (again only accessible on TIC); the URL has https then "stg-" prepended to the usual URL, where new content can be viewed and validated. Note the links from the index page point to the live server, so be sure to prepend "stg-" in the URL to see the new/updated content.