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for Coastal and Marine Geology's Sediment Transport Group

General info about how to use SVN is here:

We have posted our checkout sheets and data processing forms for version control... hopefully, this will simplify things!

When preparing instruments for use in a deployment, use this information (the file list) to decide which form to select.

When preparing to check the data obtained from a deployed instrument, use these data processing sheets to record good data recovery or any unusual details.

Additional information:
Check YSI report format before downloading

Some thoughts on form philosophy...

Consider these in work. Note that there are some different flavors of some files, such as *J.doc or *M.doc for the hydra which means Marinna's favorite or Joanne's version. We may never get to "one single version" of every instrument's processing and checkout sheets as we do not all work exactly the same way... then again, under this kind of version control, maybe things *will* converge eventually. I would only ask that, if you are seriously and significantly changing a form, give it a new name rather than confuse the rest of us just when we are preparing to go in to the field.

Other Notes

-- to add the name of the file (or other goodies) in a MS Word 2010 footer, open the footer, go to the ribbon, Insert -> Quickparts -> Field -> Filename

-- *.wpd files are Wordperfect files. Some of us still like that and are unable to work with word for more complicated form layouts

-- MS word 2003 knows how to read ancient Wordperfect files.

-- any file without .doc or .wpd or other identifying extension are probably ancient Wordperfect or text

-- GroupMe information is at the GroupMe page

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