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Data Processing Sheets:

Select the appropriate form for the data type to be recovered, fill out the form and put it in the instrument book (or data processing book). Please consider adding these types of info to the dps sheets you work with- thanks!

As you prepare processed data for BBV review, consult this site for things that should be done prior to submission:

Instrument: Document Name:
RDI ADCP export:forms/data_processing/Dps.adcp.doc
AQD export:forms/data_processing/Dps.aquadopp.doc
ADV or PCADP export:forms/data_processing/Dps.hydra.doc
RCM export:forms/data_processing/Dps.rcm.doc
ABSS export:forms/data_processing/Dps.abs.doc
LISST export:forms/data_processing/Dps.lisst.doc
Aquascat export:forms/data_processing/Dps.aquascat1000.doc
Seabird Seacat export:forms/data_processing/
Seabird Microcat export:forms/data_processing/
Seabird SBE-39 export:forms/data_processing/Dps.sb39.doc
Seabird seaguage export:forms/data_processing/dps.seaguage.doc
Branker logger export:forms/data_processing/
RBR Dwave export:forms/data_processing/Dps.RBR_Dwave.docx
sonars export:forms/data_processing/Dps.sonar.doc
wetLabs ECO export:forms/data_processing/Dps.wetlabsECO.doc
YSI 6600 series export:forms/data_processing/Dps.YSI.docx
YSI EXO export:forms/data_processing/Dps.YSI_EXO.docx
Downeast (buoy) weather station export:forms/data_processing/Dps.BuoyMet.docx
Onset HOBO weather station export:forms/data_processing/Dps.ONSETHoboMet.docx
Onset HOBO pressure logger export:forms/data_processing/Dps.ONSETHobo.docx
ISUS sensor ??
S4 ??
WHSC sonar logger ??
IRIS sonar logger ??
Nortek Signature Workflow is incomplete
Nortek Vector export:forms/data_processing/Dps.NortekVector.docx

There is information from seabird regarding improperly set reference pressure here.